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MARCH 31, 2014
"The House Of Hades" by Rick Riordan

Rating: Excellent! (5)

The House Of Hades  by  Rick Riordan

The penultimate book of the Heroes of Olympus series delivers readers an exciting story that combines Greek and Roman mythology into a modern lifestyle. Now our seven heroes are hard pressed to make it the the Doors of Death, to stop the constant reincarnation of monsters. However, to do so one group must travel through the Ancient Lands, dangerous and forbidden to demigods. The other two demigods have to travel through Tartarus, the place no demigod has ever explored and survived.
Their missions require wit, skill, courage, and trust. If the groups fall apart or fail, then the world is doomed.
Action, suspense, humor, and adventure are plentiful in Riordan's tale of modern heroes.


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"The House Of Hades" by Rick Riordan

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