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"Bitterblue" by Kristin Cashore

Rating: Good (4)

Bitterblue  by  Kristin Cashore

The third book of the Graceling trilogy follows the story of Queen Bitterblue, now age 18. Bitterblue feels like her advisors at the castle are overprotecting her, so she decides to sneak out of the castle and into her city, not just for adventure but also to learn more about her people and their needs. There, she stumbles upon a graceling (a person with a special talent) named Sapphire, nicknamed Saf. At first, they share an obvious distrust for one another, but eventually they grow closer. But Bitterblue hates every lie she has to tell him about her identity.
Back at the castle, Bitterblue is trying to make up for the crimes her father, Leck (a grace long who told lies people believed) committed. But with her advisors hiding information from her, and startling news from the city, the task seems impossible.
Along with that, Bitterblue must deal with the secrets kept from her, the secrets the castle itself keeps, young love, her growing loneliness, and come to terms with her mother's death-- and her father. I recommend this book o fantasy fans. It can seem sow at times, but it is worth the read.


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"Bitterblue" by Kristin Cashore

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