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JULY 10, 2013
"Peeled" by Joan Bauer

Rating: Excellent! (5)

Peeled  by  Joan Bauer

Peeling away at a news story is no easy task, especially not for Hildy Biddle of Banesville. Hildy is the daughter of a deceased journalist and a farmer's daughter, the ex-girlfriend of Nathan and Lev, and a journalist for her high school paper, The Core. Things in Banesville weren't as they had always been. The old Ludlow house had spooky happenings going on such as a mysterious man trying to break in and the dead corpse of Donny Lupo found by the house. All of these happenings make for a great story, when reported with great detail and no misleading errors. The Core and its staff is very good at this detailed kind of reporting, however the town newspaper isn't. When Midian Associates comes into town and discovers the Ludlow place the decide to market it. Step 1, move the Ludlow place from Farnsworth Road to Red Road, relocating the many families that have lived there for generations. Step 2, flatten the land. Step 3, build a haunted house themed amusement park. Will Hildy be able to stop Midian Associates, confront Pen Peidmont, the editor of the town newspaper, about misleading the public, and deal with her social life? Read "Peeled" to find out. ;)


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"Peeled" by Joan Bauer

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