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JULY 9, 2013
"Audition And Subtraction" by Amy Fellner Dominy
Audition & Subtraction

Rating: Excellent! (5)

Tatum and Amy are the best of friends, band buddies, and Saturday night sleepover pals. With District Honor Band auditions right around the corner, confident Amy is sure she will make it, but insecure Tatum isn't so sure that she will. Tatum is already under a lot of stress because she finds out her parents are divorcing. So when she finds out a new boy (who has played in the notorious New York Childrens Symphony) is moving to her school and playing in her band, she almost explodes. The one thing Tatum has left to lean on is her friendship with Amy. But will a love-connection between Amy and the new boy break their friendship? Read it to find out. ;)


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"Audition And Subtraction" by Amy Fellner Dominy


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