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JULY 3, 2013
"Uglies" by Scott Westerfeld

Rating: Excellent! (5)

Uglies  by  Scott Westerfeld

Three months can change your life. Peris and Tally always said they'd be best friends forever, but with their three month birthday difference Tally finds herself alone. In the future, in Tally's world, everyone is told, and believes, that anyone normal is ugly. You are born an ugly. At 16, that all changes. The operation changes you from a "cringe-worthy ugly" to a pretty. The pretties are beautiful, and can do anything they want. Their whole life is a party, and Peris' life is now too. In the three month gap between Tally and Peris' birthdays Tally's life changes. She meets Shay, learns amazing new tricks, and makes a life long friend that won't become a pretty a day before her. The day finally comes, her 16th birthday, and Tally is faced with a life-changing delimma. She must choose between staying ugly for life or betraying her best friend.
This book has an amazing plot with major twists that I never saw coming. "Uglies" will change your point of view on what beauty really is.


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"Uglies" by Scott Westerfeld

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