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JANUARY 31, 2012
Finnikin Of The Rock by Melina Marchetta

Rating: Good (4)

Finnikin Of The Rock  by  Melina Marchetta

Finnikin of the Rock by Melina Marchetta is one of the more bizarre fantasy novels I've read. Instead of building a world and then telling the reader about it, Marchetta merely puts the information out there and leaves it for the reader to make the connections. It tells the story of Finnikin, a young man who was forced to leave his homeland of Lumatere after the royal family was assassinated and the country sealed off to the outside world. Finnikin has been travelling with Sir Tullus, the King's first man (whatever that means), helping Lumateran refugees find places to settle, but he meets a girl named Evanjalin who says she knows how to open the kingdom and find the lost prince. What follows is a rambling adventure of the small group tracking down everyone of importance to the kingdom so they can find the heir. The romance in it is touching, if a bit sudden, and the overall book is incredibly entertaining. I'd recommend it to any medieval or fantasy lover in middle school on up.


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Finnikin Of The Rock by Melina Marchetta


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