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OCTOBER 29, 2008
Improved Lot Open for Public Use!

Improvements to the parking lot at MCPL Wausau are nearly complete, and the lot itself is currently open for customers to use!

Please note that the temporary parking areas established for this project will no longer be available as "free library parking," but they are still public parking areas, available as metered parking or with a City parking permit.

Thank you to all of our customers for their patience and understanding throughout this project. We hope you enjoy the new lot and the extra parking spaces!

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OCTOBER 29, 2008
Free Wireless Internet, Now @ All MCPL Locations!
As of October 2008, all nine Marathon County Public Library locations are equipped with Wireless Internet Service (a.k.a. "Wi-Fi")!


(Click here to find a WiFi-equipped MCPL near you!) 


This service is accessible all throughout each library building and does not require a special login or password -- just connect and go!


To use Wi-Fi the Library, you will need the following: 

  • A laptop or other device with a wireless Internet network interface card rated 802.11b/g standard -- commonly called "Wi-Fi. "
  • The ability to properly configure your laptop, if necessary. Library staff can only provide suggestions and tips in this regard.
  • A fully charged battery and/or an AC adaptor. A limited number of electrical outlets are available throughout the buidling.
  • Headphones if you plan to listen to audio files.
  • Your computer should automatically recognize the library’s wireless signal (network: "Library"). If it does not, you may need to adjust your laptop's configuration.



Q: Can I print from my laptop to a Library printer?
A: No. We are not currently configured to allow wireless users to print. A common work-around is to transfer files to a disk or portable storage device, or email files to one's self, and then access and print these files from a public lab computer. Copies are 10¢ per page.


Q: How safe is Wi-Fi?
As with most public wireless "hot spots," the Library's wireless connection is not secure. Wireless users should choose not to transmit personal information (credit card numbers, passwords and any other sensitive information) while using any wireless "hot spot." Please take appropriate precautions when using this service.


If you have further questions about the Wi-Fi service at MCPL, contact one of our staff members for assistance. Our Information Desk at MCPL Wausau can be reached at (715) 261-7240 for basic support.


Happy browsing!

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