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NOVEMBER 29, 2010
DVDs Galore at MCPL!
Marathon County Public Library has a great collection of DVDs. While many of the titles owned are feature films or TV series, our audiovisual collection also includes many non-fiction DVDs on a variety of subjects.

New History DVDs include: Images of the Civil War; Valley Forge; Lincoln - Man or Myth; and several History Channel titles: Pearl Harbor; Disaster of Napoleon's Fleet; Earthquake in the Heartland; and America, The Story of Us.

Other historical titles include: Haunted Hollywood; Ancient Aliens; Mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle; The Spear of Christ; and In Search of the Real Frankenstein.

Technology buffs will enjoy: Stealth Technology; Pirate Ships; Golden Gate Bridge; Ice Breakers; Motorcycles; Guns of Smith & Wesson; and When Giants Roamed, the Golden Age of Steam.

Among the new Interior decoration/remodeling DVDs are: Fun Teen Rooms on a Budget; and two Interior Design Project titles: Furniture Styles; and Step-by-Step Bathroom Remodel.

Health DVDs include: Weight Loss Yoga; Cardio Inferno by Billy Blanks; Pilates Essentials for Beginners and Improvers; Kathy Smith: Left Weights to Lose Weight;  Keeping Fit: Strength, Cardio, Pilates by Andrea Metcalf; and two Dancing With the Stars titles: Dance Off the Pounds; and Fat-Burning Cardio.

Those and other non-fiction DVDs are available through the Headquarters or Branch Libraries. The DVDs owned by Marathon County Public Library can be found under "DVD Movies/TV Series" at the MCPL website (

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NOVEMBER 24, 2010
Another world record!
The final numbers have been tallied and released!  In October, Marathon County Public Library participated in Read for the Record, a world-wide event sponsored by Jumpstart and the Pearson Foundation, to bring attention to the importance of reading to young children.  Libraries and other organizations gathered children to listen to the book, The Snowy Day, by Ezra Jack Keats, in an effort to break the record for the most children listening to the same story on the same day.

And--we did it!  The official record-breaking number was 2,057,513 children!  Many events were held throughout the country.  The Empire State Building was adorned in orange lights--the official color of Read for the Record.  Celebrities gathered with children to read and promote the event. You can see pictures and video clips of some of the events at the Read for the Record web site.

Thank you to everyone who participated in Marathon County.  You helped to break the record!

Remember to read to your children every day.  It is one of the best activities that you can do to foster pre-reading skills that are so necessary for their future sucess!

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NOVEMBER 24, 2010
Beautiful ABC's
Thanks to students in Ryan Priebe’s art class at John Muir Middle School in Wausau,  the Library @ Wausau  has wonderful, original artwork to mark sections of Fiction books in the Teen Zone.    The letters  “A” by Danielle K. and “B” drawn by Alex S. are pictured here.   Other artists’ alphabet works on display are by Adam B., Renee H., Rachel S., Brad H., Miranda B., PJ Y., Tanner B., Curtis B., Patrick H., Samantha N., Kirsten M, Zenas L., Sydney H., and Miranda C.

The artistic “letters” will be on display through the end of the school year, and new creations  will be in MCPL Teen Zone the following school year.

Come and see these, and the rest of the unique alphabet creations,  in the Teen Zone on the second floor of the Wausau Library today!

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NOVEMBER 22, 2010
Consumer Reports: Online Access
(instructions updated: click here)

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NOVEMBER 19, 2010
Verne is Thankful
Come and visit Verne at the Wausau HQ library lobby. But don't let his Hawaiian shirt fool you. For underneath that hat he's an All-American Pilgrim Pig who can't let go of his island origins.  Here's the story.

Around 300 AD Verne set out from points west with the first Polynesian explorers. With skill, luck and pig-navigation they landed safely in Hawai'i. Lacking metal knives (for carving pigs), pottery (in which to boil them) and a written language (for writing cute little stories such as, "The Three Little Makahiki Pigs") Verne was lonely but safe in ancient Hawai'i.

Modern Hawai'i came in 1778 with the unexpected, unwanted arrival of British Captain James Cook.  Warfare was forbidden but many new tools arrived with him which ultimately led to the lu'au and endangered porkers such as Verne. He then went underground using a number of disguises such as, "sugar cane stalk", "pineapple clump" and even a little British missionary girl.

Flashing back to North America, Pilgrims seeking religious freedom from England landed the Mayflower at Plymouth Rock in 1620 and began to colonize (now) Massachusetts.  For years turkey became the main staple of yearly feasts held with the natives who helped them survive;  maize, potatoes and pumpkin pie were common - you never ordered roast suckling pig.

By the 1840's the Hawai'ian kings declared December 31, 1849 as a national day of prayer and thanksgiving, fourteen years before President LIncoln did.  When island church services ended, everyone poured down to the beach for a lu'au replete with sumptuous roast suckling pig. It was time for Verne to leave.

Verne caught a cane boat headed for the Americas in search of more traditional Thanksgiving fare such as tofu, corn muffins, corn casserole and Hollandaise sauce.  He is now eager to show his pride for this American holiday by sporting a traditional Pilgrim hat which stands for TURKEY ON THE TABLE!  He wishes you all a very Happy Thanksgiving.


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NOVEMBER 17, 2010
Need help with your History Day project?
Our friendly staff are happy to help during our regular hours of operation. If you can't make it to the Library in person, call the Reference Desk in Wausau at (715) 261-7230. You can also email us at or use the "Ask a Librarian" window to communicate "live" with our Reference Staff.

Be sure to check out our National History Day Help page with lots of great online resources and links to help with your project!

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NOVEMBER 17, 2010
Start Your Own Book Discussion
Can you think of a few friends who like to read good books? If the answer is “yes,” then you already have all you need to start your own book discussion group! Here are a few questions & answers to help you get started:
  • How big should your book group be? Decide this first because it will make a difference where your group will meet! Usually, it is easiest to coordinate groups of 3-5 people, plus discussions tend to be more informal and less intimidating than larger groups.
  • Where would your group meet? Some groups meet at each other’s homes, while others meet at their local church, school, or public library. MCPL has meeting rooms that you may schedule for this purpose.
  • How often will you group meet? Most often, book discussion groups meet once a month, but this can vary based on the preferences of the members. Some groups will not meet during the winter months, while others do not meet during the summer.
  • What will we read? There are so many choices! You can suggest books to read for the next meeting or set your schedule for book discussions for months in advance. Library staff can help you create a short list of books in your preferred genre for this purpose.
  • How do we start? Set an organizational meeting date. Tell your friends, family, neighbors, co-workers and others who share the same passion for books as you do.
  • What if no one talks? Start with just the basic questions about the books. Did you like the book? Have you read others by this author? To keep things “fresh,” rotate the facilitator for each meeting.
  • Where can I get multiple copies of a book? MCPL owns over 75 book discussion kits! We make things easy with five or more books per kit, plus discussion questions. Some of our kits also provide audiobooks! You may borrow kits for up to 8 weeks. If the Library does not own a kit for your chosen title, we can help you coordinate requests for multiple items; just ask!
  • How can we help the Library? Most of our book discussion kits start with donated books. You can add additional copies to the kits you borrow, or you may simply donate books at the front desk of any MCPL location!
For more information about our Book Discussion Kits, call (715) 261-7200 or contact us via email. The complete listing of kits is linked at, or if you’d like to attend one of our regularly-scheduled book discussions, visit or contact us for the schedule.

(from the MCPL Newsletter, Autumn 2010)

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NOVEMBER 17, 2010
Recently Expanded: OverDrive Ebook & Audiobook Collection
In early October, nearly four-hundred new items were added to the Overdrive collection, including many new and popular titles in ebook and audiobook formats, perfect for your e-reader, mp3 player, or other mobile devices!

To check device compatibility and browse the OverDrive collection, visit:

Plus! Over 15,000 “Public Domain” Ebooks—classic or older works no longer copyrighted—are now available, thanks to Project Gutenberg! Visit the link above and click “Public Domain Ebooks.” For these ebooks, no login is required, and there are no borrowing limits!

(from the MCPL Newsletter, Autumn 2010)

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NOVEMBER 17, 2010
Branch Profile: MCPL Stratford
Welcome to the Stratford Branch Library! Located at 400 North Fourth Avenue in Stratford, we are conveniently located, close to the schools. Our 3,000 square-foot facility offers a large selection of materials, resources and programs. High speed internet service, Wi-Fi access, fax machine and a copier machine are available for public use. A community room is also available for special events and meetings.

We offer a weekly Family Storytime on Wednesday mornings at 10:15 am. Our Book Club meets monthly the third Monday of the month at 1:00 pm. Our next featured books are, for November, Eve’s Daughters by Lynn Austin, and for December, Christmas Secret by Anne Perry. Starting the New Year in January, we will be discussing the book Sarah’s Key by Tatiana de Rosnay. We also have a annual Book Sale that will be upcoming in early March, 2011.

Please keep the Library in mind when you are getting ready for this Holiday Season! We have lots of holiday cookbooks, decorating books and craft books to help you if you’re planning on making some of your own gifts and need assistance. With winter just around the corner, stop in and check out some movies that you were waiting to see, or music CD’s, plus we have lots of magazines that can also be checked out.

For more information about our materials, programs and other services, call us at (715) 687-4420, contact us via email, or visit Click here for our regular hours of operation.

(from the MCPL Newsletter, Autumn 2010)

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NOVEMBER 17, 2010
2011 Wausau Book Sales
Mark your calendars! Visit the Friends of the Library book sales for new and gently used books, paperbacks, puzzles, software, videos, CD's, audio books and record albums! Most items are only 50¢!

  • Thu.,    2/3, 5-8pm | Members-Only Sale *
  • Fri.,    2/4, 9:30am-4:30pm
  • Sat.,    2/5, 9:30am-4:30pm
  • Sun.,    2/6, 1-4pm | Bag Sale! / $5 per bag
APRIL 2011
  • Thu,    4/28, 5-8pm | Members-Only Sale *
  • Fri.,     4/29, 9:30am-4:30pm
  • Sat.,     4/30, 9:30am-4:30pm
  • Sun.,    5/01, 1-4pm | Bag Sale! / $5 per bag
(TBA... watch future newsletters or for updates)

  • Thu.,    11/3, 5-8pm | Members Only Sale *
  • Fri.,     11/4, 9:30am-4:30pm
  • Sat.,     11/5, 9:30am-4:30pm
  • Sun.,    11/6, 1-4pm | Bag Sale! / $5 per bag
* (Members-Only Sales are open to all current members of the Friends of the Library; memberships will be available at the door, or in advance:

(2011 Library Branch Book Sales TBA)

Don’t forget the Rothschild Book Sale, December 6-7, 2010!

(from the MCPL Newsletter, Autumn 2010)

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NOVEMBER 17, 2010
Teen Publishing Project | Deadline: 12/31/2010
Teens are invited to submit their poetry, stories, essays, and artwork for publication on our website and the chance to be included in our second annual magazine!

We’ve received dozens of entries to date, but we want more!

General Guidelines: (complete rules:
  • Include your full name (only first name, last initial will be published), grade, school, address, phone, title of your entry, and category (poem, story, visual)
  • Entrants must be in 6-12th grade at time of entry.
  • Entrants must be residents of Marathon County, WI.
  • Entries must be newly-created original work of the entrant, must not infringe upon copyright laws.
  • Entries must not have been previously published in a copyrighted print format.
  • Entries may not include obscene or offensive content.
  • Entrants may submit up to 10 entries per year.
  • Entry deadline: December 31, 2010.
Submit via email to, or in person at any MCPL location.
Call (715) 261-7200 or contact us for details.

(from the MCPL Newsletter, Autumn 2010)

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NOVEMBER 17, 2010
New York Times Best-Sellers!
Do you follow the New York Times Best-Seller Lists? So do we! What’s more, we’d like to make it easier for you to find and borrow these hot new books from the Library!

Visit and click on the “NY Times” tab for direct-links to our Library Catalog (V-Cat) for the top five best-selling books in multiple categories!

                                                                                                                                                                                                     (from the MCPL Newsletter, Autumn 2010)

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NOVEMBER 17, 2010
Movie Nights (& Days) @ MCPL!
Movies have captivated us since the 1894 presentation of Dickson Greeting using Edison’s modern Kinetoscope! Movies entertain, evoke tears of laughter and sorrow, shock and disgust us. Scrolling forward, high-tech theatre seats now pitch, shake and roll viewers for high resolution action thrillers such as Christopher Nolan’s Inception.

Movie venues have also changed. Where we once queued-up to buy tickets for mass viewing in drafty theatres, technology now enables the privacy to enjoy your favorite flicks via video rental, cable, satellite, Netflix, YouTube and iPod. To this list of viewing venues you may now add… your public library!

Through the recent purchase of a movie license, the Marathon County Public Library is now able to show films — free of charge — on a regular basis! While we do not wish to compete with local theatres, we do hope to supplement our customers’ options with recently-released-on-DVD popular films, documentaries, and foreign and independent films. Unless otherwise noted, all movies will be rated G, PG, or PG-13.

The license allows us to reveal titles only in the library itself (or directly via phone, email, or mail), so you will see descriptors instead on our website and other marketing outlets. We will sometimes ask you to vote on your favorite from choices placed on our webpage at

We hope to receive suggestions from customers to make this new service a popular one. Call 261.7200 or contact us for more information.

Upcoming Movies:
To browse the Library's DVD collection, visit
(from the MCPL Newsletter, Autumn 2010)

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NOVEMBER 17, 2010
Join the Friends of the Library!
Festival of the Arts in Wausau is an exciting time. Just a few months ago, the downtown area was brimming with potters, painters, paper-makers and more. Rich colors and textures filled booths lining the sides of 3rd Street and the Square. Now some of those very works of art are hanging on the walls of the Marathon County Public Library for you to take home and enjoy. How did that happen? Because the Friends of Marathon County Public Library provided funding.

The Friends of MCPL is a volunteer organization. Our purpose is to support the library by promoting and improving library services in Marathon County. To the Friends, supporting the library means providing circulating artwork. And much more.

Friends of Marathon County Public Library also support the libraries by underwriting the Children's Summer Reading Program, by sponsoring special programs like Older Americans Day or family programs, by buying equipment and materials needed throughout the system, by soliciting and awarding grants to fund projects. We would love to do more.

How can you help? Join us. Through your membership fees when you become a friend, and through book sales and other activities, Friends of MCPL is able to supply these 'extras' that help make the library a special place. For only $10 a year ($5 seniors/students, $20 families) you can help support our mission. Become a member, buy a gift membership for a friend, join the Board, or help at book sales.

And you can also let us know that you agree with our mission by checking out one of those beautiful works of art!

(from the MCPL Newsletter, Autumn 2010)

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NOVEMBER 8, 2010
County Board Budget Meeting
The Marathon County Board of Supervisors meet this afternoon, November 11 at 2:00pm.  They will vote on the  2011 budget for Marathon County which includes the Library.  The Marathon County Public Library Board meeting is Monday, November 15 at 12:00 noon. 

As proposed, the 2011 Library budget calls for not filling at least three full-time Library Assistant staff positions and terminating one of the three Customer Service  Librarians. The net loss would  be 160  staff hours per week.

According to documents furnished by County Administrator Brad Karger, the Marathon County Public Library system (Headquarters and Branches) employed 55.27 full-time equivalent employees in 2006. Should the proposed 2011 Library budget be passed, that figure will be 46.97.  The proposed tax rate would remain at $5.17 per thousand of equalized valuation.

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NOVEMBER 5, 2010
Petting Zoo fun!
We wrapped up our 2010 Marathon County Reads with animal fun in the Wausau library's garage.  Even though our READS selection, Seedfolks, is a book best suited for upper elementary through adult readers, we always include related activities for all ages, including children.  Over 250 people came to cuddle with kittens, bond with bunnies, and pet lots of other farm animals, including Duncan, the miniature Angus bull.  Our thanks to Allen Kraft from Kraft's Kuddly Kritters for bringing his farm menagerie to the library for all ages to enjoy.

If you have ideas for the book we should read for next year's READS program, we would love to hear your suggestions.  Click here to leave your READS comments and suggestions.

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