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MARCH 20, 2011
National Library Week, April 10-16
Spring has sprung, and with it  the National Library Week celebration @ your library.  Create Your Own Story @ Your Library is the theme for the 2011 celebration.  During National Library Week we celebrate the importance of libraries.  You won't want to miss these FREE, fun programs for you and all members of your family. 

Sunday 4/10:  Opening Celebration  @ Wausau Headquarters
  • 1:30pm, MCPL Wausau--Library Director officially pronounces National Library Week
  • 2:00pm., MCPL Wausau--Mr Steve (Lundquist) , "Master Facilitator of Fun"--fun-filled  family program of music, magic and ballooning

Monday  4/11:

  • 6:30pm, MCPL Mosinee --Family storytime and “Welcome Spring” crafts
  • All MCPL Locations—Book Sale  Book Bucks ($1.00)—courtesy of the Friends of MCPL--
    use @ library book sales (one per person--Monday only)
Tuesday  4/12:   National Library Workers Day
  • 6:30pm,  MCPL Wausau—Digital & Traditional Scrapbooking  (Monica Krueger—Creative Memories)
  • 6:00pm, MCPL Edgar—Teen Game Night—enjoy electronic and board games and refreshments
  • Staff at all locations are welcome to wear their good jeans to work today
Wednesday 4/13:
  1. 6:30pm, MCPL Wausau—Movie Night--This adult movie tells the true story of a paralyzed man who learns to communicate and dictates his memoirs with his one functioning eyelid.
  2. 6:30pm, MCPL Stratford (in Community Hall)--Organic Gardening & Saving Seeds Tony Schultz and
    Kat Becker (Stony Acres Farms)
  3. 1:00-4:00pm, MCPL Mosinee--Open House/Refreshments
Thursday  4/14:    Support Teen Literature Day
  1. 6:30pm, MCPL Wausau--Jerry Apps, award-winning Wisconsin author—Horses and Barns:  Remembering Our Rural Heritage.  Books sold and signed after presentation.  Refreshments served.
  2. 6:30pm, MCPL Wausau—“Pixels and Pages”: Teen magazine release party/reception in the Teen Zone
Saturday, 4/16:   Stories All Around
  • 10:30am, MCPL Wausau--Hmong/English- bilingual Storytime-presented by Blia Lee, Miss Hmong Wausau
  • 11:00-1:00, MCPL Wausau--“My Story”--Children will create their story (or timeline) @ the library, by
    recording their important life events--birth, first trip, moving, starting school, births, deaths in the family,   future plans (career, etc.).  Each child can be photographed and add their photo to their story.
  • 1:00pm, MCPL Wausau—Children’s Matinee—Disney animated children’s fairy tale about a beautiful woman named Belle, who ends up living in an enchanted  castle and falling in love with a tormented  beast.  Enjoy popcorn and juice with the movie. 
Week Long:
  • MCPL Hatley—Family Storytime Starter—help create the rest of the story.  Prizes awarded.
  • All MCPL Locations--$.50 cents customer appreciation coupons  (copies & fees)
  • All MCPL Locations--Free Library card replacement for lost and damaged library cards
  • All MCPL locations--Candy at all public desks and Wausau drive-thru
Month Long: 
  • All MCPL Locations—color, and return a Culver’s coloring sheet and receive a coupon for free ice cream.
  • MCPL Wausau--“A Story in Aprons” Display (Apron collection on display)
Funding for these events has been provided by the Friends of the Marathon County Public Library.

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MARCH 11, 2011
"Dewey" in the Library
Is this cat yours?  This beautiful kitty wandered into the Wausau Headquarters Library today.  We all fell in love with this very gentle, sweet, lovable, orange  longhair cat.
If you are missing your best friend,  you can find her/him at the Humane Society of Marathon County.
If unclaimed, this adorable “baby” will probably be available for adoption.  Alas, no Dewey library cat for us.

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MARCH 11, 2011
New Entrance to Children’s Soon
The old entrance to the children’s area @ Wausau headquarters was taken down this morning before the Library opened.  A wonderful new one will be coming soon, thanks to the Noon Optimists who are funding this project as a part of their 50thanniversary celebration. 
What will the new entrance look like?   Keep your eyes and ears open as the magic unfolds.   Think nursery rhymes, fairytales, and a wee sprinkling of pixy dust.

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MARCH 8, 2011
2010 Annual Report
Just released! The 2010 Annual Report of the Marathon County Public Library contains a wide range of statistics and a broad overview of the Library's activities throughout the previous year. If you're curious about the Library's impact on our communities, especially the vital resources and services we offer, this report will truly open your eyes:

Would you like to see the Library try something new in 2011? Or do you have feedback to offer on the 2010 report? If so, please do not hesitate to contact us! (

Thank-you for your continued support of the Marathon County Public Library!

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MARCH 7, 2011
THE KING'S SPEECH...You've Seen the Movie, Now Read the Book!
If you were one of the many movie-goers enchanted by the Oscar-winning movie, THE KING'S SPEECH, but were wondering how accurate the movie was, here's your chance to find out "the rest of the story." Marathon County Public Library now has copies available of THE KING'S SPEECH written by Logue's grandson, Mark Logue, and Peter Conradi.

Though ostensibly the biography of Lionel Logue, THE KING'S SPEECH devotes a great many pages to Logue's work with King George VI. The authors utilized the private diaries kept by Logue to present a detailed,  insider's view of the special relationship Logue enjoyed with the King. In some cases, those details conflict with what's depicted in the movie. However, their portrayal of George VI engenders even more sympathy for and admiration of the man wearing the crown.

If you've seen the movie, you really owe it to yourself to read the book. THE KING'S SPEECH is a rare look inside the life and times of a monarch.
Find it in the Library Catalog (V-Cat):
The King's Speech by Mark Logue

(plus, you may request the DVD here:

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MARCH 5, 2011
Bird Artwork @ Wausau
You won't want to miss the beautiful bird artwork in the Children's area.   The bird paintings and metallic bird sculptures are @ the Wausau location courtesy of the students (and teachers) who participated in the Gifted and Talented Art Cluster, 2010-2011, Wausau School District.

The Fourth Grade students painted their interpretation of a bird using acrylic paint on canvas.  They repeated the bird's color and pattern.  The individual paintings are hung together to form one large bird scene.

The Fifth Grade students were inspired by the artist Helen Ward.  They created a metallic bird sculpture out of paper mache' material and other found objects such as nuts and bolts.

Artwork will be on display in the Children's area @ Wausau through the month of March.  You will be amazed at the creations of these young, talented artists.

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