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JULY 31, 2013
Exploration Station Registration is Open

Exploration Station is a new program being offered for children at the Wausau Headquarters Library beginning this September. It is a hands-on curriculum based class for preschool children ages 4-6 that features rotating lab activities in the core areas of math, science, reading, and writing. It is a participatory class where a child and his/her parent/caregiver work together as a team. It is not a storytime.

Each class begins with a discussion and stories about the theme and then breaks into smaller groups that rotate to lab stations to complete activities at each of the 5 stations. Children spend 5-6 minutes at each station. Caregivers are given the tools that they need to create a dialogue with the child about what is being learned and experienced. A craft related to theme is included in each session. At the end of class groups discuss what they have learned.

Classes are listed below. Register both you and your child (715-261-7220) for one class or all. Class size is limited to 25 teams of parent/caregiver and child.

Exploration Station Classes-- Fall/Winter 2013

  • September 11 Writing
  • October 9 Math
  • November 13 Science
  • December 11 Reading

Exploration Station Classes--Winter /Spring Sessions 2014

  • January 8 Writing
  • February 12 Math
  • March 12 Science
  • April 9 Reading

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JULY 29, 2013
MCPL Small Business Resource Center
Do you currently own or are you looking to start a new business in Marathon County?  Visit the Small Business Resource Center (SBRC) of the Marathon County Public Library.  The SBRC is a service of the Marathon County Public Library that provides support and tools for growth to community businesses with industry information, educational opportunities and communication channels to local experts and business resources.  The library offers both onsite and online resources. 

The virtual portal of the Small Business Resource Center is located at  From this page you may utilize several business resources subscribed to by the library.  This includes ReferenceUSA, a popular directory that may be used to locate businesses by keyword or industry within a defined geographic radius, find detailed company information (including: business profile, demographics, company news, stock data, historical data, UCC filings, competitors listing, etc.), and more. 

Another excellent online tool for small businesses is the Learning Express Library.  Users are able to take a variety of tutorials on skills ranging from Microsoft Office and Adobe CS to reading, writing and math.  If you need to research business news, company profiles or conduct market research, try one of our database options:  Business Source Premier or EBSCOhost.  The SBRC page includes links to local non-profit business organizations, business forms, networking sites, ordinances & codes, and Business Start-Up/How-To Guides as well.

The library also carries an extensive collection of business related books onsite.  Each MCPL branch carries its own selection of business materials.  Check out our library catalog at to start browsing.

All you need to start using the online library resources or check out books is a library card.  Individuals may sign up for a library card at any of the Marathon County Public Library locations, or online at

All branches of the Marathon County Public Library also have meeting space, internet computers, free Wi-fi and copy machines available if you need to get some work done out of the office or home.  Call your local branch to schedule a meeting room today!

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JULY 22, 2013
Update: Story Times
Enjoy learning with your children through stories, songs and literature-based activities! Several story times were discontinued for the summer and will resume on the dates given below. Also, Wausau's "Sweet Dreams" story time and Rothschild's Friday story time will be discontinued soon.

Recurring weekly:

Family Story Time (all ages)
  • MCPL Wausau — Sat., 10:30am [Resumes 9/21/13]
  • MCPL Athens — Tue., 10am
  • MCPL Edgar — Thu.,  9:30am [Resumes 9/19/13]
  • MCPL Hatley — Tue., 10:30am
  • MCPL Marathon City —Thu., 10:30am [Resumes 9/12/13]
  • MCPL Mosinee — Wed., 10am [Resumes 9/11/13]
  • MCPL Rothschild -- Tue., 10:30am
  • MCPL Rothschild -- Fri., 10:30am [Ends 7/26/13]
  • MCPL Spencer — Wed., 10am [Resumes 9/11/13]
  • MCPL Stratford — Wed., 10:15am [Resumes 9/11/13]
Preschool Story Time (4-5 years old)

  • MCPL Wausau — Wed. & Thu., 10:30am
Tales for Tots (2-3 years old)

  • MCPL Wausau — Tue., 9:45am & 10:30am 
Book Babies (0-23 months old)

  • MCPL Wausau — Mon., 10:00am
“Play & Learn” Story Time

  • MCPL Wausau — Fri., 9:30am
“Sweet Dreams” Story Time 

  • MCPL Wausau — Mon., 6:30pm [Ends 8/12/13]

(from the MCPL Newsletter, Jul-Sep., 2013)

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JULY 22, 2013
Recent Books and Older Gems

MCPL is starting a new feature comparing older books with recent releases. Look for these reviews in our newsletter and at For this installment, staffer Amy Ryan looks to the garden for recommendations.

Animal, Vegetable, Miracle "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle"
by Barbara Kingsolver

For one year, Kingsolver and her family vowed to eat only the food they grew on their family farm in Virginia or could buy from local sources. This humorous and inspirational memoir tells the story of that year -- month by month, vegetable by vegetable, animal by animal. It’s a book I try to read every spring as I plan my own vegetable gardens.

— Check it out: vegetable miracle


Animal, Vegetable, Miracle"Growing a Farmer"
by Kurt Timmermeister

When Seattle restaurateur Timmermeister decided to move out of downtown, he ended up on a four-acre parcel of farmland on Vason Island. “Growing a Farmer” is his journey from cook to cultivator, organized by subject. This a great reference for the person who wants to start growing their own food and raising their own meat.

— Check it out: a farmer

(from the MCPL Newsletter, Jul-Sep., 2013)

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JULY 22, 2013
Update: Summer Library Program
There’s still time to participate!

Summer events continue throughout August, featuring engaging, informative presentations and activities for all ages. Upcoming events include movie nights, workshops, crafts and a pool party! 

Also, adults and teens still have time to vote in our Literary Smackdown competition to pick the most influential book in Marathon County:

Reading logs for children and teens will be accepted through Aug. 24. Prizes are available throughout the summer for completing each excavation dig!

(from the MCPL Newsletter, Jul-Sep., 2013)

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JULY 22, 2013
Tablets, E-readers, E-books, Laptops…
...are available for checkout at your local MCPL! 

Tablets and laptops are available for in-house use for up to two hours. Tablets are only available at the Wausau library and include iPad and Android-based devices. The laptops are all Windows 7 PCs.

E-readers are available for 14-day checkout and  include NOOKs and Kindles.

E-books are available via our partnership with Wisconsin’s Digital Library (aka OverDrive). More than 53,000 fiction and nonfiction titles are available. We also can provide you with checkout and download instructions for any device. 

When it comes to helping you experience new technologies, MCPL has you covered!

(from the MCPL Newsletter, Jul-Sep., 2013)

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JULY 22, 2013
1,000 Books Before Kindergarten
The Marathon County Public Library is challenging parents to read more books aloud with their children! The "1,000 Books Before Kindergarten" initiative is meant to introduce children to a wide range of literature, encourage families to spend quality time together and promote pre-literacy and learning so children enter school ready to read, listen and learn.

Although 1,000 books sounds like a huge number, consider this: If you read one book a day, you could finish in less than three years. Ten books per week? Less than two years. We’ll give you more tips and suggestions, too.

Families who register will receive a folder with a sheet to record each 100 books, a garden sheet, and instructions. Incentives include stickers, books and book bags, and a “graduation party” for those who complete 1,000 books.
(from the MCPL Newsletter, Jul-Sep., 2013)

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JULY 22, 2013
MCPL Joins the Pushback Against Drug Abuse Campaign!
Drugs are an increasingly serious problem in Marathon County. The illegal manufacture, sale and abuse of heroin, prescription drugs and other illicit drugs such as methamphetamines is increasing in our county. This, in turn, threatens the public safety and health of our families, friends and neighbors.

In order to combat this growing threat, the Marathon County Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Partnership has launched Pushback Against Drugs, a public awareness initiative to raise awareness of the scope of illicit drug use in Marathon County and inspire public involvement and actions that help Prevent, Enforce and Treat drug abuse. Over 250 organizations, agencies, groups and individuals have committed to the Pushback Against Drugs campaign.

Marathon County Public Library is proud to be part of that effort. The AODA Partnership will be presenting programs at the Headquarters Library in the near future on the drug problem in Marathon County. The Library will also be providing informational materials at all locations. Watch for future postings.

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JULY 17, 2013
Keep cool at the library
With temperatures expected to reach in the 80s and 90s, local officials are urging residents to protect themselves from heat related illness. One way to do that is by coming to the library.

All Marathon County Public Library locations have been designated as official cooling centers, places where residents without air conditioning can get relief from the extreme heat. We also will have bottled water available. 

According to the Marathon County Health Department, most heat-related illnesses involve the elderly, individuals who have chronic illnesses, children, athletes and outdoor workers. 

To prevent risks from excessive heat, the health department suggests people do the following: 
  • Seek air-conditioning. If your home does not have air-conditioning, seek areas that do-such as libraries, shopping malls, community/senior centers, grocery stores, movie theatres-during the warmest period of the day. If you must stay in a home without air-conditioning, stay on the lowest floor out of the sunshine. Marathon County area libraries are available as cooling centers for persons needing that service.
  • Avoid strenuous activities. This is particularly true during the hottest time of the day. Individuals who perform strenuous work during the heat of the day are especially at risk.
  • Wear light-weight, light-colored clothing. Light colors reflect the sun’s rays better than dark colors, which absorb the heat. Protect the face and head with a wide-brimmed hat.
  • Check on family members, neighbors and friends who are vulnerable. Move them to air conditioned places if possible.
  • Drink plenty of fluids. Increase fluid intake even if you are not thirsty.
  • Never leave pets or people, especially children and infants, unattended in cars during a heat wave
If heat risks do occur, cool the body as soon as possible, and call 9-1-1 for symptoms of heat stroke.
For additional health information, contact the Marathon County Health Department at 715-261-1900. For more information on library locations, call 715-261-7200.


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JULY 16, 2013
Pixels and Pages Teen Magazine
Pixels & Pages 2013

The long wait is over! The 2013 edition of Pixels & Pages features works of art and creative writing from teens all across Marathon County. Print copies are available at your local library. Click the image to the left to access the new issue online. After you’ve finished reading this year’s magazine, don’t forget to submit your work for next year. 

During the past year, teens from Marathon County submitted more than 100 pieces of creative writing and visual art. Teen and staff judges selected a variety of pieces to be published in this magazine. Students from Wausau East High School's Graphic Communications III class prepared the material for publication. The magazine, encouraging creative writing and visual arts, was made possible by a grant from The Friends of the Marathon County Public Library.

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JULY 1, 2013
July Volunteer of the Month
Congratulations to Abigail Hoyt, Marathon County Public Library’s July Volunteer of the Month! Abigail has been volunteering at the Wausau Headquarters for about one and a half years and is currently president of MCPL’s Teen Advisory Group.

“I love the library and I know a lot of work goes into running it,” says Abigail about why she volunteers. “Volunteering is how I can help get things done. Plus, who doesn’t like being around that many books?” At the library, Abigail enjoys die-cutting, pulling books, and working on the Little Free Libraries project. Abigail is interested in reading, writing, horseback riding and swimming. She is a graduated senior, a lifeguard, and swim instructor.

Thank you, Abigail, for all of your hard work and dedication to Marathon County Public Library. {{2013-7-31}} 

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JULY 1, 2013
The Last Call: Prohibition in Marathon County!
From 1920 to 1933, the manufacture, sale and transportation of alcohol were forbidden by law in the United States. Despite this, the public’s thirst for ‘demon rum’ continued and organized crime stepped in to meet the demand. Thanks to Illegal distilleries, smuggled shipments of alcohol and local moonshiners, alcohol continued to flow despite the best efforts of law enforcement. And what was the Marathon County experience during Prohibition?

On Tuesday, July 16th, Gary Gisselman, librarian at the Marathon County Historical Society, will present THE LAST CALL, PROHIBITION IN MARATHON COUNTY, a program detailing how Marathon County residents weathered Prohibition. Did Marathon County obey the law of the land or did it have its own share of illegal gin mills? Were local moonshiners and rum-runners active? Was Al Capone & Co. helping to slacken the thirst of Marathon County residents?

For those answers and more, plan on attending Gary’s fascinating program on July 16th at the Wausau Headquarters Library. The program starts at 6:30 and is free and open to the public. Registration is not required. THE LAST CALL is part of the Marathon County Public Library’s 2013 Summer Library Program.

So, mark your calendars and stop in on July 16th for a guided tour to a tumultuous time in Marathon County's history!   

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