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DECEMBER 28, 2010
Interlibrary Loan Changes @MCPL

Effective January 1st, 2011: Due to budgetary constraints, requests for Interlibrary Loan items borrowed via OCLC will be limited to 5 requests per customer per month. This ILL policy will allow each customer a total of 60 requests per year.

Beginning January 1st, 2011, the following items will no longer be available through ILL:

Materials published in the current or previous calendar year.

Items published in 2011, or 2010 (as verified in, cannot be requested through Interlibrary Loan. Instead, for newer items, please fill out a purchase suggestion form online or in person at any public service desk.

We cannot promise that we will acquire the item you request, but we will investigate its purchase. We will place the item on hold for you and notify you if it is purchased. Note that this process may take several weeks to a month or longer.

Feature films and TV series on DVD

o Popular (Fictional) TV series (examples: CSI, Home Improvement, Columbo etc.) may not be requested through ILL. You may fill out a purchase suggestion for these items.

o Feature films (examples: Iron Man, The Lion King, etc.) may not be requested through ILL. You may fill out a purchase suggestion for these items.

o You may still request (Non-Fiction) DVDs--(examples: how-to, exercise, history, etc.) that were published before this or the previous calendar year.

Computer or video games in any format.
Video or computer games may not be requested, in any format

Materials published more than 75 years ago 
 Items 75 years old or older will no longer be requested through ILL.

Print items valued at under $10.

Books which are valued at less than $10 (as verified in, will not be requested through ILL, including Mass Market Paperbacks of any genre. Instead, please fill out a purchase suggestion form online or in person at any public service desk.

Periodicals (entire issues)

Libraries will not lend an entire issue of a magazine, but may provide photocopies of individual articles instead.

Please Note:
• We are unable to obtain items from locations other than in WI, MN, ND, SD.
• Allow 2-8 weeks for fulfilment of requests.
• Duplicate requests and over-limit requests will be cancelled.
• The same title may not be requested more than once per customer within any 3 month period of time.
• For ILL renewals, please contact the ILL Dept. 2-3 days before the item due date.
• Add our email address to your computer’s address book so that our notices to you will not be deleted as spam.

If you have any questions regarding Interlibrary Loan, contact the Interlibrary Loan Department directly @ Phone: (715) 261-7244 or Email:

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DECEMBER 22, 2010
Tax Forms Update!
Due to end-of-the-year changes in federal tax law, paper copies of most Federal Tax Forms WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE at Marathon County Public Library locations until late January, 2011.

However, Federal Tax Forms are currently available at the IRS website (, where most can be printed for immediate use. Should you make copies of tax forms while visiting an MCPL location, the charge is ten cents per page.

Check our website for updates.

Online Tax Forms: Federal Tax Forms | State Tax Forms

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DECEMBER 21, 2010
Tackle Excess
Digging Out, (Tomkins/Hartl) is for family members of those who hoard. Gloria and Kathy were desperate; their elderly mother lived surrounded by tons of paper, books and debris. She had scabies and respiratory problems from living in a trash-filled home and refused to let her daughters clear and clean. She stumbled over the clutter and broke her wrist .  If this describes a situation in your family, you'll benefit from the many approaches they offer, such as when to intervene or not;  whether or not dementia is an issue; how to manage when multiple hoarders live together and how to ensure the cleanliness and safety of your loved ones over their protestations.
Is your dining room table rendered useless due to piled up papers?  Do you  churn, but  never discard? Are your sofa cushions invisible due to piles of unfolded laundry and last summer's newspapers? If I just described  your living space, check out a new book  about stuff run amok.  Stuff, Compulsive Hoarding and the Meaning of Things (Frost/Steketee) gives vivid examples of lives literally choked by the accumulation of things. They illuminate how our possessions exert power over all of us, whether we're savers, collectors, hoarders or even compulsive cleaners. If your identity or peace of mind depend on collecting stuff you can't live without, read this!

Link to Stuff:
Link to Digging Out

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DECEMBER 21, 2010
Thank you, Wausau Noon Optimists and Target!

I attended the Wausau Noon Optimists' meeting on 12/20 to accept a check for an exciting new computer for the Children's Computer Lab in Wausau.

The AWE Early Literacy Station brings our computers for children into the 21st century in terms of both hardware and software.  A touch screen, a color-coded keyboard and a mouse designed for little hands provide ease of navigation for young children.  All of the software is preloaded--no more handling of discs!  More than 50 programs were selected in seven subject areas, based on current educational standards for children ages 2-10. 

Funding for the Early Literacy Station was co-sponsored by an Early Childhood Reading grant from Target and the Wausau Noon Optimists. 

Thank you to Target, Dick Lepinski (pictured) and the Optimists for sharing my enthusiasm for this wonderful addition to the Children's Library.  It will provide fun learning for the children of our community for many years to come.  It will be in our Children's Lab very soon--come and give it a try!

The Optimists have other surprises in store for the Children's Library as part of their Fiftieth Anniversary celebration--stay tuned!

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DECEMBER 15, 2010
E-Readers: Holiday Shopping Guide
Thinking of buying an E-Reader for yourself or a loved one?

Consider getting a device that is compatible with the 1,000  free e-books available at the Library via OverDrive! Click here for a compatibility guide.

For more information and to browse the collection, visit


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DECEMBER 13, 2010
Changes to the Storytime Schedule

A New Preschool Storytime at the Spencer Branch Library!
Spencer will be going to an all-new schedule for storytime in 2011.  Their current program schedule  will end with their December 28 storytime. 
A new Family Storytime will be held every Wednesday at 10:00 am, starting January 19. 

New Evening Storytimes at the Edgar Branch Library!
Beginning in January, the Edgar Branch will hold Family Storytime on the second and third Monday evening of each month at 6:00 pm.  Stories will be presented in Spanish on the third Mondays.  Everyone is welcome to attend!

A Storytime Holiday Break!
Most of the libraries in Marathon County, including Wausau, will be taking a short break from the regular program schedule during the weeks of December 19 and December 26, but there are some exceptions.
Please check out our storytime schedule for all the details.


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DECEMBER 10, 2010
Holiday Reads
Wile away the winter weather with a cheery fire, hot mug of cider and a holiday book, music or movie  from your local library. 

Still hot gluing and stitching  home made presents?  Tidings & Trimmings by Cathy Pendleton contains traceable patterns for adorable angels, bunnies and skaters. If it's a new decorating theme you're after, you're sure to find one in O Christmas Tree (A Leisure Arts Publication) using your old family photos (A Holiday Heritage), patriotic angels or a tree based on your childhood memories.

Undecided about your holiday menus? Tired of the same old baked ham? Holiday Cooking with America's Top Chefs will inspire you with new ways to prepare and present holiday feasts using menus from Food Network Kitchens and Chefs of The Today Show; holiday potluck ideas from Emeril Lagasse and suggestions for "semi-homemade desserts" by Sandra Lee.

If you're exhausted from baking and decorating,  relax with a holiday-themed novel. In The Gift, Cecelia Ahern spins a witty, warm and wise modern-day fable of love, regret, hope and second chances.  Through three insightful stories, Jane Green's This Christmas presents   three very different women who face questions of the heart that could change all their Christmases to come.

In Christmas in New York, a non-fiction,  Daniel Pool takes the reader on a present-day tour of New York Christmas attractions as he reveals little-known stories to be found in its past.  In The Oxford Illustrated Dickens Christmas Stories, you'll find a good bedside book whose tone reflects  changes in its author -  from young and  high spirited  to darker, more sinister themes.  The 19th Century engravings are reproduced from his original editions. 

On December 22 at 6:30 p.m. we'll show a  1945 holiday classic (free) movie starring Barbara Stanwyck, Dennis Morgan and Sydney Greenstreet - a humorous tale of Christmas antics  from Manhattan to Connecticut.

No matter where your holiday preparations, plans or interests lie, your library has many engaging books, music and DVDs to enhance your December celebrations.  Happy Holidays!

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DECEMBER 9, 2010
Tribute to the Troops @MCPL
During this holiday season, the Library at Wausau is doing a Tribute to the Troops.   How can you be a part of this tribute?

Bring in a picture of your family member(s) who is in the military. Pictures will be positioned on a star on the flag, and will be displayed in the main lobby display case at the Library.   Pictures can be brought or sent to the Wausau location until December 31st.

Your picture will be returned to you.   Please let us help you honor your loved one in the military.  

Questions?  Please contact the library @Wausau.

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DECEMBER 9, 2010
Check out Library E-Books on your Apple and Android portable devices!
MCPL is proud to announce: OverDrive's app for iPhone® & Android™ now supports eBooks.

With the free OverDrive Media Console app, you can download both EPUB eBooks and MP3 audiobooks directly to your device.

Get the app today and download library books on the go!

E-books from the library are available for a variety of portable devices, and e-readers. Click here to see if your device is compatible.

Go to MCPL's OverDrive Catalog to access e-books, audiobooks, and more!

If you have questions, or would like help, call 715-261-7200 or email

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DECEMBER 6, 2010
Wanted: Teen Artists and Writers!
Give us your best work for Marathon County Public Library's Teen Publishing Project!
Submit artwork, poetry, stories, and essays for publication on our website and the chance to be featured in our second annual magazine. (Click here to see last year's magazine).
Hurry! Time is running out! Entries must be in by December 31, 2010.

Click here to submit your work online, or if you'd rather submit a paper copy, click here for a printable submission form.

You can check out the entries we've already published online, and see the complete rules at

Call (715) 261-7200 or email for more info.

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DECEMBER 5, 2010
January Movies at Your Library!

More free library movies are headed your way to  temper the January chill!  Bring your own tub of popcorn, cheesy nachos and a thermos of hot apple cider - sit back and watch these coming attractions!

Tuesday, January 4 (6:30 p.m.) we'll feature a foreign film with English subtitles rated PG-13 about two young Palestinian men who are hours away from becoming suicide bombers in Tel Aviv.

On Saturday, January 8 we'll offer a kids' 10:30 a.m. matinee with your favorite green ogre who lands in an alternate version of  Far Far Away.  He must undo mischief and evil in the hopes of restoring his world and saving his friends.

Wednesday, January 12th's showing (6:30 p.m.) will feature a PG-rated film about a master sorcerer in modern-day Manhattan trying to defend the city from his arch-nemesis. He recruits an average-seeming guy who demonstrates potential as his protege. These unlikely partners work to stop the forces of darkness, save the city and get the girl.

Last will be a "School's Out Matinee" on Friday, January 21 (2:00 p.m.) -  a newly-released  animated film about two wolves who are captured and sent to  Idaho as part of a repopulation project. They struggle through dangers to get home with a growing mutual admiration that promises to complicate the social structure of their original wolf packs.

All movies will be shown at the Wausau HQ Library in the Third Floor Wausau Room.  Refreshments are available for purchase on site, or bring your own (non-alcoholic).  For actual titles call the library at 261.7200.

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