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APRIL 28, 2014
Interact With Your Child With Wordless Picture Books

Your child needs positive human interaction to fully develop physically, mentally, and emotionally. Human interaction includes simple tasks such as talking, singing, playing, writing and reading; the five suggested practices to get your child ready to read! Through human interaction, your child’s brain will develop to its fullest potential and he or she will feel loved and be more willing to learn, listen and grow.

How can you interact with your child? Below are a few ideas:

  • Play with your child outside, or play make believe inside
  • Talk with your child about his or her day, favorite color, or anything you can think of!
  • Sing favorite songs, sing sentences in books, or make up silly songs that rhyme together
  • Write your child's name, allow him or her to scribble with chalk, or draw pictures together
  • Read books together, point out the letters in different signs you see outside, and read even more!

Wordless picture books are a great way to promote parent-child interaction. Books without words may seem intimidating and strange, but have your child tell the story based on the illustrations and ask different questions as you move through the story. Using wordless picture books will encourage your child to talk, interpret pictures, and use his or her imagination. Below is a list of wordless picture books (or books that contain very few words) that will encourage interaction through talking:

(from the MCPL Newsletter, May-Jul., 2014)

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APRIL 23, 2014
Summer Story Time Changes
Summer is fast approaching, and as usual, there will be some changes to the regular story time schedules at most MCPL locations. Most branches will take a break from their story times to focus on Summer Library Program events. At MCPL Wausau, we'll be taking a break from story times in May to focus on school tours, and we've added a unique, summer-only story time ("Sweet Dreams").

Additionally, special children's events will supersede concurrent story times (particularly "Tales for Tots" at Wausau), but don't let that stop you from visiting the library -- there will be plenty of fun and learning for your child in either case.

As always, the story time schedule is viewable at, but we've also copied it below with the forthcoming changes underlined and colored red. 

Family Story Time
  • MCPL Wausau — Saturdays, 10:30am (year-round) (no meetings 5/4 - 6/7)
  • MCPL Athens — Tuesdays, 10:00am (year-round)
  • MCPL Edgar — Thursdays, 9:30am (Sep.-May) (ends 5/8/14; resumes 9/?/14)
  • MCPL Hatley — Tuesdays, 10:30am (year-round)
  • MCPL Marathon City — Thursdays, 10:30am (Sep.-May) (ends 5/15/14; resumes 9/11/14)
  • MCPL Mosinee — Wednesdays, 10:00am (Sep.-May) (ends 5/7/14; resumes 9/10/14)
  • MCPL Rothschild — Tuesdays, 10:30am (year-round)
  • MCPL Spencer — Wednesdays, 10:00am (Sep.-May) (ends 5/21/14; resumes 9/10/14)
  • MCPL Stratford — Wednesdays, 10:15am (Sep.-May) (ends 5/14/14; resumes 9/10/14)
"Sweet Dreams" Story Time

  • MCPL Wausau — Mondays, 6:30pm (Jun.-Aug.) (starts 6/16/14; ends 8/18/14)
"Play & Learn" Story Time

  • MCPL Wausau — Fridays, 9:30am (year-round)
  • MCPL Hatley — Thursdays, 10:00am (year-round)
  • MCPL Mosinee — Wednesdays, 10:30am (year-round)
Preschool Story Time
MCPL Wausau — Wednesdays AND Thursdays, 10:30am (year-round) (no meetings 5/4 - 6/7) -- Note: During the summer (Jun.-Aug.), we welcome children of all ages to this story time, effectively making this a "Family Story Time."

Tales for Tots
MCPL Wausau — Tuesdays, 9:45am AND 10:30am (year-round) (no meetings 5/4 - 6/7; due to concurrent children's programs, this story time will only meet 6/10, 7/1, 7/29, 8/5 and 8/12.) -- Note: During the summer (Jun.-Aug.), we welcome children of all ages to this story time, effectively making this a "Family Story Time."

Book Babies
MCPL Wausau — Mondays, 10:00am (year-round) (no meetings 5/4 - 6/7) -- Note: During the summer (Jun.-Aug.), we welcome children of all ages to this story time, effectively making this a "Family Story Time."

Daycare Story Time
No meetings will be scheduled June-August.

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APRIL 23, 2014
Tornado and Severe Weather Awareness Week
Despite the snow we've seen this April, spring has arrived in Marathon County, and so has severe weather season! This week is Tornado and Severe Weather Awareness Week, and the library has some helpful tips and suggestions to keep you and your family safe.

Remember to Listen, Act, and Live!

Listen: When severe weather is in your area, listen to a credible source (such as an emergency weather radio) for updates. Continue to monitor until the storm system leaves your area.

Act: When a tornado warning is issued, seek shelter immediately! If you are in your home, head to your basement if you have one, or look for a room without windows, ideally on the lowest floor and in the center of the building. For most homes without a basement, usually a closet or a bathroom is the safest area. If you are at work, out shopping, or in a public building, follow staff instructions and remain in the designated area of the building until instructed to leave.

Live: Your chances for survival greatly increase when you listen and act immediately. Do not waste time seeking shelter!

Marathon County Public Library will participate in a county-wide tornado drill on Thursday, April 24th, at 1:45 pm. Patrons in the library during this time will be asked to follow staff to the basement for shelter, or patrons may choose to leave the library until the drill is finished. No patrons will be allowed on the first and second levels of the library during the drill. Thank you to the Marathon County Emergency Management team for the helpful tips!

For more information about tornado and severe weather safety:

Marathon County Emergency Management
Tornado information from's Severe Weather


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APRIL 7, 2014
Potty Training Booklist
Are you trying to tackle the task of potty training your child? Check out the titles below to share with your child. The Family Resource Center is also available to answer questions and provide support while potty training. 

No More Diapers for Ducky 
On Your Potty, Little Rabbit
Caillou: No More Diapers
Calliou: Potty Time
Dinosaur vs. the Potty
Have You Seen My Potty?
Ian's New Potty
My Big Girl Potty
The Prince and the Potty
My Potty Book for Boys
Pete's Potty
Duck Goes Potty
A Potty for Me!
Tinkle, Tinkle, Little Tot: The Toilet Training Songbook
You Can Go to the Potty
Your New Potty
Once Upon a Potty: Boy
Once Upon a Potty: Girl


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APRIL 4, 2014
Four libraries increase summer hours
Responding to patron demand and other factors, the Marathon County Public Library Board of Trustees recently increased operating hours at four MCPL locations.
The Board in March approved additional weekend hours at the Wausau Headquarters and Hatley, Marathon and Rothschild branches. The changes mean the locations’ winter hours are now in effect year-round, and include:
  • Saturday, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and closed Sunday at the three branches (previously closed all weekend).
  • Saturday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. Sunday at the Wausau Headquarters (previously open 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday and closed Sunday).
  • An increase from four hours to 20 hours of operation at MCPL locations on weekends.
The additional hours stems, in part, from a 2013 survey and coincided with a desire by the Board of Trustees for a consistent, convenient schedule, rather than separate winter and summer hours.

“One very important theme that was consistently mentioned (in the survey) was that you wanted us to offer more weekend hours during the summer months,” Library Director Ralph Illick said. “We heard you! Thank you for letting us know how we could make your library experience better.”

Increasing operating hours is also a low-cost option to provide additional patron service; operational costs will increase slightly compared to past summer hours, but schedule adjustments will allow for no increase in staff costs.

(from the MCPL Newsletter, May-Jul., 2014)

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