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MAY 23, 2013
Dig Into Reading This Summer

It’s time to get ready to “Dig Into Reading” @MCPL this summer.  The Summer Library Program starts June 8 and ends August 24.  We have lots of fun activities, programs, therapy dogs to listen to kids read, and a summer reading club all ready to go for children and families at all MCPL locations.

Children can register for the reading club and pick up the Excavation Site Map @ any MCPL location.   For every 15 minutes children read, visit the library, attend a library program and complete a suggested activity, they cross off or color a rock.  When all 7 rocks are colored, the site map can be brought to the library and children can claim their treasure.  Children will need their maps to get their treasure.   Children can complete as many digs as they want and claim treasure for completion of each one.

Along with the reading club, we have many great performers lined-up who will be sure to delight the whole family and sneak in some learning as well. 

·         Musician/storyteller, Stuart Stotts will be presenting “Dig in and Dig It: Songs and Stories to Celebrate Reading” with songs about a magical cavern, the Underground Railroad and more.

·          The Truly Remarkable Loon will amaze us as he “Read(s) Books and Juggles Everything Else” including juggling spinning plates. 

·         Jack Zolkowski and his amazing Soda Pups Dogs will steal your heart and keep you smiling all day.  His dogs are named after soft drinks—Ginger Ale, Sierra Mist, Squirt, Dr. Pepper, and RB (Root Beer).  Sierra Mist even rides in a remote-controlled Hummer and you won’t want to miss the Green Bay Packer trick!

·         Magician Rob Halbrook is back as Professor Marvel, but this year he will be taking us on an amazing Archeological Adventure involving Merlin and the Goblet of Fire and lots more book-related magical adventures.

·         With Professor Oops we will be “Dig(ging) Into the Underground World” and exploring creatures underneath the ground as only he can present it, with lots of humor and fun.

·         David Stokes and his “Creatures Under the Earth Surface” program will help us discover creatures that hug the earth.

Discover, imagine and create @your library this summer and "Dig Into Reading".  Special Summer Library Programs are also available for teens (Beneath the Surface) and adults (Groundbreaking Reads).  For more information and schedules:


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