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FEBRUARY 17, 2007
New Registration Option
Beginning immediately, when you add a new Event to your listings, you will have the option to specify the time as well as the date that registration begins.

By default, event registrations open at midnight on the registration date. If you this is working for your library, no changes are necessary on your part.

Member libraries who wish to set registration to open at a specific time of the day may now do so. Some libraries with high -demand events may want registration to become available online at the same time as phone or in-person registration, for example at the same time as the library opens for the day.

If you have events currently in the database for which you wish to change the registration time, log in to the Client Center and click on "Edit/Delete Events".

If you have any questions about this new option, please don't hesitate to ask.

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posted by Glenn

Category: Events