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APRIL 9, 2009
Events Enhancements

Clone Events
In response to a member suggestion, you can now easily "clone" a new event listing from an existing listing. To clone an event, view the list of your current events in the Client Center. Click the new clone icon on the next to each existing listing. A new event data entry screen appears with the title and description of the event already filled in for you.

Add to Calendar
This new link, which appears with each events listing, allows your patrons to add a library event to their personal electronic calendar. Supported calendars include Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar, Apple's iCalendar and more.

Color Coding for Events
Using the new calendar view for your events calendar? Interesting in color coding your events listings to make them easier for your patrons to browse for events of interest? Contact us for more details. View an example from Jasper County Public Library.

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