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FEBRUARY 3, 2009
Calendar Option Beta Testing Completed

Over the past several weeks, we've been beta testing a calendar display option for events listings. About a dozen member libraries have been putting the new code through its paces and offering suggestions for improvements (as well as helping squash bugs).

I'm pleased to announce that the calendar option is now available to all member libraries. To enable this option for your library:

* Log in to the Client Center
* Click on Edit Settings under the Library Events heading
* Select "Enable Calendar Option" (at the bottom of the page

You can see a preview here on our demonstration site. To see what it might look like for your event listings, simply replace the word "Events" with "EventsCalendar" in your URL.

NOTE: Some additional data entry is required on the part of your library's staff to create an accurate calendar -- the date and time for each occurrance of ongoing or multi-date events. Staff will be presented with an additional screen in which to enter the individual dates. You can preview what this will look like by viewing this screencast:


(if the file does not play automatically, save it to your desktop then click and drag it into a browser window). Feel free to share the screencast with others at your library.

Thank you to all the beta libraries for your assistance and patience during the beta process.

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posted by Glenn

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